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Lizmap is an open source application based on QGIS and QGIS Server


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Why choose Lizmap Hosting?

Lizmap is an open-source software, so you can install it on your own server. However, configure and maintain correctly a server takes time and may be a complex thing.

By choosing to host your QGIS maps with Lizmap on Lizmap Hosting, it allows you to profit number of benefits. You don't have any server to configure, no backup to do: We do everything!


You have the latest version of Lizmap and QGIS-Server at any time. You have access to at least one Lizmap application, at least one PostgreSQL/PostGIS database, and a storage space accessible with FTP, to store you QGIS projects.

Lizmap Web Client 3.7
QGIS Serveur 3.28
PostgreSQL 14
PostGIS 3

QGIS Server Plugins

Our QGIS servers are installed with following plugins:

Lizmap Server
Data Plotly (paying option)

Lizmap modules

Some business modules, developed by 3Liz, can be installed in your instance (optional from the Standard offer).


Only on Lizmap Hosting: our QGIS project validator

With Lizmap 3.6 on Lizmap Hosting, you have access to some results of our QGIS project validator. Regularly, our validator inspect your QGIS projects and give you data about them like memory consumption, list of invalid layers, missing files etc.

Screenshot of the page showing results of the validator
Screenshot of the page showing results of the validator

You can then improve your projects, so they will be loaded more efficiently.



Lizmap Instance

The term "Lizmap Instance" refers to an independent Lizmap application, characterized by :

Our Lizmap Hosting plans


Our most affordable offer will suit you if you only have few maps and data.

Starting from 90 € excl. taxes / month

  • 1 Lizmap instance
  • 1 database on a PostgreSQL/PostGIS shared server
  • 1 QGIS shared server
  • 2 GB of storage (files and database)
  • No Lizmap modules
  • Costs of activation:: 0 €
  • Hosted in France


If you need a minimum of power, take advantage of guaranteed computing and memory resources for services QGIS and PostgreSQL.

Starting from 200 € excl. taxes / month

  • Up to 2 Lizmap instances
  • Up to 2 databases on a PostgreSQL/PostGIS dedicated server
  • 1 QGIS dedicated server
  • 100 GB of storage (files and database)
  • Optional Lizmap modules: 20 € excl. taxes / month / module
  • Costs of activation:: 100 € excl. taxes
  • Hosted in France


Ideal choice for big GIS projects. You have all the power of a physical server.

Starting from 495 € excl. taxes / month

  • A dedicated physical server (1), with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS, Web server, FTP server...
  • Unlimited Lizmap instances(2).
  • Unlimited databases (2).
  • 500 GB of storage.
  • Optional Lizmap modules : 20 € excl. taxes / month / module
  • Costs of activation:: 400 € excl. taxes.
  • Server hosted in France, but some other countries are possible. Contact us.

(1) Standard features: an Intel Xeon 8 core 3.2 GHz, and 32 GB of memory. Other configurations are possible, contact us.

(2) the number depends on the capacity of the physical server.

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Full comparison





Prix 90 € excl. taxes / month 200 € excl. taxes / month 495 € excl. taxes / month
Minimum duration 6 months 6 months 12 months
Minimum duration for extensions 3 months 3 months 6 months


Maximum number of Lizmap instances 1 2 unlimited
Maximum number of databases 1 2 unlimited
Storage 2 GB 100 GB 500 GB
Additional storage 10 € / 2 GB / month 20 € / 10 GB / month 100 € / 500 GB / month
Encrypted web access with a free TLS certificate
Encrypted FTP access with TLS
Encrypted PostgreSQL access with TLS
Possibility to use your own domain name (3)
Restrict the list of authorized IP to access to PostgreSQL
Daily backup
QGIS projects validator
QGIS dedicated server
PostgreSQL/PostGIS dedicated server
Web dedicated server
Physical dedicated server
Hosting location France France France, UK, Germany, Poland, Canada
Costs of activation Free 100 € excl. taxes 400 € excl. taxes


External modules 3Liz unavailable 10 € excl. taxes / month / module / lizmap 10 € excl. taxes / month / module
Number of Lizmap users unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of PostgreSQL and FTP users 10 unlimited unlimited


Technical support for the hosting
Usage of QGIS or Lizmap

(3) You have to buy your own domain name from a domain name provider of your choice, and setup correctly your DNS zone.

You want to order one of this plan, or ask questions?
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Development, training, support

For any other service request around Lizmap, you can consult the 3Liz website, or contact us directly.